Transform Your Brand Identity. Transform your Business.

Having a strong brand identity and logo design plays an essential role in engaging your target audience and turning them into customers, fans and brand evangelists. Your company’s brand identity and logo design should be memorable and lasting, attractive and relatable to your customer base. Most importantly, it’s fundamental to consumer recognition and differentiates you from the competition.

A brand identity is more than just a logo — in essence it’s your company’s personality and differentiates you from the competition. It’s the overall customer experience and your promise to consumers. It represents who your company is today and what you aspire to.

If you don’t have a clear brand identity, consumers will perceive this is a lack of clarity or direction and that affects their faith and trust in your as a provider.


The process of creating a logo involves working directly with each business owner or their staff to narrow five logo design concepts to one final draft through a series of phases.

Step 1: Interview

The first phase of the logo design process is called the interview phase. This logo design phase involves discussion about what your company does, possible themes, fonts, colors, shapes and objects, as well as the emotional feeling or response that the logo should evoke.

Step 2: Create Concept

The concept phase takes what was learned about your company and your preferences in the interview phase to develop up to three logo design concepts. Of those, we ask you to choose one of the proposed concepts for us to then proceed with to refinement.

Step 3: Review & Refine

We then take the refined concept and again seek your feedback on colors, backgrounds, fonts and other elements in order to create a unique logo that embodies your corporate identity or small business image.

step 4: Finalize

With all of the elements combined into a completed design, your logo is ready to be rendered for use on your website and in print. All of the design files for your logo are created using adobe illustrator or adobe photoshop and delivered in high resolution formats for your continued use.